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We have over 1,500 leads each month that we cannot place because we don't have trainers in your area!  Don't miss out on your clients, register today!


We are the only Personal Trainer Lead Service that absolutely pre-qualifies your client-leads! Tired of trying to follow up on leads, spending countless hours making calls, only to find that the "lead" was simply curious about prices? Many of the personal trainer lead sites simply forward emails; we are the only client-generating source online that actually works for you! The Local Fitness Trainer fitness marketing is limited to generating personal trainer and fitness trainer leads in the USA and Canada.  We won't send you leads for people outside the USA or Canada.  You will never pay for clicks again (We Don't Do Clicks!) 


Our 30-day No Risk Guarantee - If any of your clients we send you quits working with you for any reason within the first 30 days, you owe us nothing for that client.


What do you get from us?

  • Our staff pre-qualify every lead we send to you.
  • No maintenance fees!
  • You pay only for the clients you sign up.
  • Your own FREE personal web page that includes your photo that we set up for you at no additional charge. We will update your site for you and make changes whenever you need them.
  • Your online Availability Calendar that shows potential clients when you have openings available.   
  • Potential clients can search by location, certification, specialty, and more.
  • There are never any charges to your leads! This removes a major stumbling block for many potential clients!


Why pay other companies $299, $599, $999 or more for a website?  We set your web presence up at no cost to you!


To get your personal trainer profile posted in your training area and start receiving leads - just follow 3 simple steps:

  • Step One - Begin your registration -- REGISTER HERE! (This step takes about 5-10 minutes.)


  • Step Two - We will validate that your trainer certifications and insurance policy are in good standing. Upon approval, we will set up your website and listing and contact you to verify the information is correct. (This step normally takes about 1-3 business days.)


  • Step Three - Start signing up new clients!

What does it cost?

By signing up on Local Fitness Trainer you are agreeing to pay a flat $100 referral fee for each client you sign up and train. There are no other charges!

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