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Andre Jackson 
Andre Jackson 
  • Andre Jackson
    Andre Jackson

  • ACE Certified Trainer

  • ACSM Certified Trainer
Type: Certified Trainers
Menlo Park, CA, 94025

Andre Jackson is a fitness expert that has been serving the Menlo Park community since 1997. He is very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. Andre can help you get started, and keep you on the road, to health and fitness.

Andre is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and he offers over 20 years of professional experience in health and fitness working with individuals and small groups from age 10 to age 87.

Andre graduated from the University of California at Davis with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. He is a national natural body building champion, nationally ranked track cyclist, 10 k runner, and triathlete. 

Andre taught sports medicine for the San Mateo County and he developed an innovative and successful nutrition and fitness program for the homeless. 

He has trained national champions, professional athletes, Silicon Valley executives, professionals, seniors, and weekend warriors.

Andre was the Personal Fitness Consultant for:

  • Sherri Leonard, national natural body building champion

  • David Scott, 6 time winner of the Ironman triathlon

  • Brian Grant, professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings

Along with individuals Andre has worked with several organizations including:

  • Chevron

  • CIBC

  • Comerica

  • Doll Capital

  • Deutsche Bank

  • Forsyth Group

  • Kaiser Family Foundation

  • NEA

  • SDG

  • The Boy Scouts of America

  • YMCA

Andre has been featured by:

  • Sacramento’s Channel 10 News

  • The Sacramento Bee

  • The San Jose Mercury News

  • Sacramento Weekly News and Review

Andre is a member of the IDEA Association for Heath and Fitness Professionals and has the following certifications:

  • IDEA Association for Heath and Fitness Professional

  • ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine Certification

  • ACE, American Council Exercise Certification

  • YMCA, Strength Coach Certification

  • Physiological Assessment Certification

"Andre helped me stay in shape during my pregnancy, and he helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy body. He keeps the workouts fun and helps me stay motivated. He's a terrific trainer."

~Heather Cleary


“Andre is the best at motivating and focusing me to get to the next level. He has a keen sense for keeping everything unique and comfortable to my “current” personal fitness level; making it fun to stay on track!” ~ Michael J. Anthony, CCIM


“Weight training with Andre allowed me to cut back on arthritis pain medication by two-thirds.” 

~ Audrey Ritchie, 71 year-old retiree


“Working with Andre has eliminated periodic leg cramps and general weakness; it has also removed 2 inches of fat from my waist.” 

~ Robert W. Ritchie, Ph.D., 72 year-old retiree


“He pushes me….he really knows how to press my buttons and get results!”

~ Amateur tri-athlete


“Andre listens to my personal goals and customizes a program that helps me succeed.”

~ Jill Layman


“Working with Andre has increased my strength and endurance substantially!”

~ L. Hartmann, Researcher, Stanford University

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More Information
City: Menlo Park
State: California
Country: United States
Years of Experience: 20
Training Locations:
  • Trainers Training Studio
  • Bodybuilding
  • Childrens Fitness
  • Fitness Education
  • Group Exercise
  • Improvements in Flexibility
  • Mens Fitness - General
  • Mens Fitness - Medical Exercise
  • Mind-Body
  • Prenatal Fitness
  • Postnatal Fitness
  • Post-Rehabilitation
  • Power Lifting
  • Rehabilitation
  • Seniors Fitness
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • Teen Fitness
  • Toning & General Fitness
  • Weight-Gain
  • Weight-Loss
  • Weight Management
  • Womens Fitness - General
  • Womens Fitness - Medical Exercise
Preferred Client Type:
  • No Preference
Languages Spoken:
  • English
Gender: Male

My Assistant
Company: Local Fitness Trainer
Mobile: 866-489-5434
Trainers: 292


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