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Rivak Hoffman - Certified Personal Trainer
Rivak Hoffman - Certified Personal Trainer 
Rivak Hoffman - Certified Personal Trainer 
  • Rivak Hoffman - Certified Personal Trainer
    Rivak Hoffman - Certified Personal Trainer
  • John Cione, Investment Broker
    John Cione, Investment Broker

  • Carolyn Eoff, Registered Nurse
  • Peter Aubuchon, Accounting Student, USD
    Peter Aubuchon, Accounting Student, USD
  • Corrine Geller, Housewife
    Corrine Geller, Housewife
  • Myer Geller, PhD, Optical Physicist
    Myer Geller, PhD, Optical Physicist
  • Glynn Spangenberg (44 yrs. old), VP
    Glynn Spangenberg (44 yrs. old), VP

  • Kathy Braegger, Financial Officer
Type: Certified Trainers
San Diego, CA, 92011


Training Approach

Iím not just your average trainer. Some trainers donít look like trainers. Many lack the medical aptitude and experience to design and implement a safe and effective exercise program, and thatís a bad sign from the start. Some train their clients exactly as they train themselves. Many hurt their clients and send them back to their sedentary lifestyles.

Myself, I think ďoutside the boxĒ and bring life to others. I donít duplicate fitness programs and my training programs are constructive, not destructive. Each and every client I train has a unique experience. With the overwhelming, conflicting advertising and marketing campaigns in the health and fitness industry, the average consumer becomes confused and disoriented in their eating habits and exercise programs. I find it a personal challenge and responsibility to weed out the fact from the fiction. A hypothesis is only a guess until proven with real statistically proven hardcore research with large sampling. Solid facts also come from anecdotal experience and documented evidence over time.

With my diverse background in both medicine and as a personal trainer, I can create a healthy, strong, high performance body, which will look awesome and perform to higher levels. My unique style as a fitness instructor coupled with my medical knowledge allows me to methodically design a safe, effective, and productive exercise program to suit your goals.


About Rivak

I have trained my mind and body for sports competition since age 13. I have learned how to incorporate my vast levels of knowledge in nutrition, resistance training, and sports-specific training techniques towards further achieving new goals and winning races.

18 years tenure as a board certified medical professional in General Medicine and Neuro-Ophthalmology gives me the expertise to analyze and evaluate metabolic and systemic medical factors that often complicate weight loss, weight gain, and metabolic problems. These factors seriously complicate the ability to lose weight, and most trainers do not have the knowledge to solve these dilemmas.

Personal Accomplishments

Ironman Canada Finisher 1985-86-87-88
Ironman Japan Finisher 1986
Ironman New Zealand Finisher 1987
Ironman Hawaii Finisher 1988-89
Honolulu Marathon Finisher 1985-86-87-88-89-90
NYC Marathon Finisher 1990-1991

Web Views: 4354

More Information
City: San Diego area
State: California
Country: United States
Years of Experience: 12
Training Locations:
  • In Client Home or Office
  • Clients Health Club
  • Trainers Health Club
  • Trainers Training Studio
  • Clients Training Studio
  • Online
  • AAHFRP Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
  • AAHFRP Certified Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist
  • CHEK Certified Nutritional and Lifestyle Certification
  • CIAR Certified Master Fitness Specialist
  • Mens Fitness - General
  • Mens Fitness - Medical Exercise
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Womens Fitness - General
  • Womens Fitness - Medical Exercise
Languages Spoken:
  • English
Gender: Male

My Assistant
Company: Local Fitness Trainer
Mobile: 866-489-5434
Trainers: 292


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