Powered by Local Fitness Trainer Fitness Articles from Local Fitness Trainer http://www.localfitnesstrainer.com Tue, 02 Aug 2011 18:10:25 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Lose Weight Fast With a Personal Trainer http://www.localfitnesstrainer.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=104&Itemid=51 Lose Weight Fast With a Personal Trainer Local Fitness Trainer is often asked questions about fast weight loss and weight loss programs like Weight Watchers®, South Beach Diet®, the Atkins Diet, NutriSystem®, Jenny Craig®, Alli®, and weight loss pills such as Adipex® or Adipex-P®, Meridia®, Xenical®, and Alli®, and Orlistat. First of all, we do not recommend that you use prescription drugs or over-the-counter weight-loss supplements unless prescribed to you by your physician; you should always follow your physician's advice regarding medications, your health, and your ability to exercise. You want to lose weight fast but you don't know how to lose weight? What is the best weight loss diet plan? Is there a difference between weight loss for men or weight loss programs for women? What exercise is best for losing weight? You want help to lose weight but you don't know where to go. It seems like you can't get off that weight roller coaster. The Fine Print Like most people, you probably find it difficult to wade through the maze of weight loss programs touted everywhere. The next time you see one of those weight loss commecials on TV, take a close look at the fine print on the bottom of the screen. Go ahead, pause that weight loss commercial and read what is written on the screen. Very seldom does the commercial state the truth--that this pill or program, in combination with proper diet and exercise may result in weight loss. Although some people may find success using the weight loss programs and weight loss drugs listed above, you will most often find that the fine print states results not typical to prevent inevitable lawsuits from people who were not warned that they might not get the results portrayed in the advertisement. In fact, you might not get any results at all! Why does every program or pill have to be used with proper diet and exercise? The answer has been known for generations. There is NO SECRET FORMULA OR INGREDIENT! Simply put, proper diet and exercise will help nearly all people get to and maintain a healthy weight. Why Hire a Personal Trainer? Certified personal trainers (CPT) and certified fitness trainers (CFT) are educated in the latest methods to help individuals like you reach your fitness goals. The certifications are constantly being evaluated and updated to ensure that trainers (and ultimately you) benefit from the latest research. Upon completion of their training, student trainers must have demonstrated their knowledge of risk factor screening, fitness assessment, nutrition, exercise science, exercise programming and appropriate progressions, instructional and spotting techniques, lifestyle modification, and professional scope of practice prior to receiving their certification. Hiring a certified personal trainer or fitness trainer will help insure that you: Do your execises properly Gain the maximum advantage of each exercise Minimize the possibility of injury from improper use of execise equipment Help you learn about and improve your personal nutrition Help you stay with your program The number one issue with pills and programs are that they are very easy to cheat or quit. Contrarily, when when most people have set an appointment with someone (like their best friend, doctor, or personal trainer), they tend to keep it. In fact, most people have told us that they are looking forward to having some to be responsible to or to make sure they keep them focused , honest , or on the program . The results are astonishing! You, like most people, will benefit immediately from working with a personal trainer either in the trainer's studio or in your own home. Are you already convinced to find a personal trainer (/directory/)? Don't I Need a Big Gym? Many people are sold on the fact that they need a big, pretty gym with lots of equipment to lose weight--it is Simply Not True! The big gyms are mostly a marketing tool, very few people will every try, let alone need, every piece of equipment in the gym. If you hire an in-home personal trainer, most people are suprised when the trainer arrives with very little equipment! Unless you are going to be a competition bodybuilder or professional athlete, he or she will only require a few items to help you reach your fitness goal. Isn't an In-home Trainer More Expensive? Again, a simple answer--No! Independent personal trainers generally have a small studio or work out of their homes. They don't have the tremendous overhead of the millions of dollars of equipment, rent, taxes, and advertising that the big gyms do. Independent trainers are able to keep all the money you pay them for your training sessions and are not required to up-sell or pressure their clients to buy clothing, supplements, and needless additional sessions. One Last Thing Get off the roller coaster! As most people find out, the weight loss effects of pills and programs don't last, nearly all gains are generally reversed within a few weeks or months of stopping (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlistat). On the other hand, working with a personal trainer, if followed properly, results in a Life Style Change that can stay with you the rest of your life! Sat, 20 Jun 2009 17:56:03 +0100 How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost? http://www.localfitnesstrainer.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=103&Itemid=51 Well, like most things in life, it depends upon various factors. A good, certified Personal Trainer isn't cheap; the key here is “Certified”. Most trainers charge an average of $55 for a private, one hour session. That is a national average, rates tend to range from $35 - $75 per hour. How Long is a “Session”? Be sure to check with the trainer on the length of the sessions being quoted to you. Sessions commonly are 30, 45, 50, or 60 minutes long. Some trainers are experimenting with 15-20 minute “extreme” sessions, although the results are yet unproven with large populations of average clients. By the way, if your trainer is constantly talking on the phone or is distracted by other people during your session, find a new trainer! You are entitled to have the trainer’s focus for the entire session, after all, you are paying for their time. But also be considerate, if the trainer takes an occasional, short phone call or briefly speaks to someone, that may be fine with you. Location, Location, Location! Session rates are also heavily influenced by geography. Just like gasoline, trainers in trendy, expensive neighborhoods are can be more expensive than than those just a few miles farther down the road. Experience Counts! Trainers with more experience and more certifications are usually more experience. Not to say that you shouldn’t consider working with a trainer that just received their first certification, but experienced trainers are usually in greater demand and have less flexible schedules. Don’t hire a trainer that has no certifications, or has “certified” themselves. If you want to learn more about trainer certifications, Local Fitness Trainer has a good overview here (/About_Personal_Training_Certifications/). Sticker Shock? If the rate seems to be too high, ask the trainer if he/she has “group rates” or “boot camps”. Working out with a group of people is generally less expensive per session and more fun. And don’t worry that you are only a beginner; trainers will usually group people together by beginner, intermediate, or advanced experience. Avoid Injury! When you walk into a gym are you flabbergasted at all they different weights and machines? Working with a certified Personal Trainer is important because your trainer can help prevent injury and provide faster results. Most trainers are schooled in anatomy and the physiology of the human body. They are also trained on the proper use of various exercise equipment. What you learn from your personal trainer will be information you can use the rest of your life! How long will I have to work out with a personal trainer to get results? Well, that also depends upon a lot of things. How realistic are your goals? Set smaller, attainable goals like losing one or two dress sizes. Don’t get stuck on weighing yourself daily. Your weight will vary and you will probably get discouraged. Even the contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser don’t lose weight every week! Most people begin to see noticeable changes in their body after 6-8 weeks of regular workouts, and proper diet and nutrition. Your trainer will vary your workouts as your body gets accustomed to each improvement in your fitness. Where you might not been able to run 20 yards without feeling like your lungs were on fire, you will soon be able to run several miles without stopping! Still thinking about hiring a personal trainer? Don’t think, do! The best thing you can do for yourself is get started now! If you have more questions about personal training, just contact us (/contact/) and we will be happy to help. You might even get your answer posted on this blog! Sun, 04 Jan 2009 15:41:23 +0100 How Much Water Do I Need In A Day? http://www.localfitnesstrainer.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=94&Itemid=51 Experts recommend 8 glasses a day (a glass being 8 ounces) but they are also assuming you weigh 150lbs, you live some place cool and you exercise 20 minutes a day. Certain factors effect daily water requirements like being ill, living at high altitudes, the temperature where you live, the amount of exercise you receive a day etc. You will find that with most calculations, the number of glasses per day falls between the recommended 8-12 cups. If you want to play around with these factors there are great water calculators online. Mon, 18 Aug 2008 00:00:00 +0100 How Much Protein Do I Need A Day? http://www.localfitnesstrainer.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=93&Itemid=51 To have endless amounts of energy and feelings of well-being we need to eat a well-rounded diet of carbohydrates, protein and fat which are called macro-nutrients, meaning we need large amounts of them in our diet. In addition to vitamins, nutrients and water which are packed in to the macro-nutrients. Provided you are making healthy food choices. Eating protein is essential to great health and fitness. Protein is responsible for helping to build and repair muscle tissue, bones, cartilage, skin and blood as well as hair and nail growth. Fri, 15 Aug 2008 00:00:00 +0100 How Many Carbohydrates Should I Eat In A Day? http://www.localfitnesstrainer.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=92&Itemid=51 I can't stress enough the importance of a well balanced diet. To have boundless amounts of energy you need to consume the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat as well as vitamins, nutrients and water. Carbs are your energy source. They are the fuel that feeds your brain (which consumes a ton of calories a day, by the way!) and allows you to work out and perform your daily physical and mental tasks. They also play a major role in the functioning of the immune system, fertilization and blood clotting. Wed, 13 Aug 2008 00:00:00 +0100